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Project Hail Mary

Project Hail Mary
Project Hail Mary is a science fiction book written by Andy Weir (who also wrote The Martian and Artemis) and is centered around a lone Astronaut named Ryland Grace who wakes up alone on his way to an alien star system and is tasked with saving all life on Earth. Ryland is not completely alone, however, as he eventually meets another life form/scientist named Rocky, whose planet and species is also on the brink of extinction, from the same problem that is plaguing almost every star system in the surrounding area. The only system unaffected by the plague is called Tau Ceti - and that's exactly where their stories and fates intertwine. The two will have to work together in order to save everything that they have ever known.

The Hail Mary
In order for Ryland to save all life on Earth he needs to get to Tau Ceti which, of course, requires a spaceship. That ship was called The Hail Mary which is built somewhere between micro scale and nano scale. The ship produces artificial gravity for Ryland by two different means. The first method is through propulsion, the ship fires its engines in order to create artificial gravity which is only effective if the ship is trying to accelerate or decelerate. The other method it uses to generate artificial gravity is through spinning, to do this the ship separates into two parts, extends the top portion of the ship and then flips it upside down then begins to spin, thus creating artificial gravity. The ship also has a complete interior.

Star Map
The Star map is a simple diagram of the Sun + Venus, The Hail Mary, Tau Ceti + Adrian, as well as 40 Eridani + Threeworld.

The Minifigures
I included the main two characters in the book, Ryland Grace and Rocky. Ryland's minifigure is based off of Ryan Gosling who will be playing the role of Ryland Grace in the upcoming movie based on Project Hail Mary. Rocky's figure is an attempt at his 5 legged/armed alien self.

Additional Facts about the build
The build was difficult at times to get the shape correct but it was definitely worth it once I finished it. It was designed on Bricklink Studio and the images were edited on Kleki. The build itself has 2123 pieces. Andy Weir is my favorite author.

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