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The Simpsons' Truckasaurus


This is Truckasaurus from a season two episode of The Simpsons titled, “Bart the Daredevil.”

I’ve always been fascinated by dinosaurs, robots, LEGO and the longest-running animated series in history. This build brought those interests together into one of the greatest creations you’ve ever seen!

I began construction of this monstrous beast last month after watching The Simpsons with my daughter while passing time during shelter-in-place orders. 

QUESTION: Why would this make an excellent LEGO set? 

ANSWER: It’s awesome and it will compliment your other Simpsons’ sets and minifigures.

I use LEGO as creative outlet, but I also use it to help me distract myself from a chronic pain condition. I recommend LEGO as a therapy for others I’ve met during my journey of living with CRPS. Thanks for looking and I hope you’ll support me by backing this radical robot rex.

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