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Old Fendrel's Cabin


The old wizrard, Fendrel, lives alone in his cabin in the forest. Winter is closing in, and Fendrel needs to stock up on supplies while he still can. Luckily the nearby farmer is always willing to pay Fendrel a visit, and bring supplies from his farm, for a small fee. Meanwhile the farmer and Fendrel takes care of business, the farmer’s son hunt for frogs by the nearby pond.

Old Fendrel’s Cabin is a cosy scenery set, addressed to adult Lego builders, interested in medieval/fantasy themes. The set focuses on a natural and realistic look- The set includes the following:

- a cabin

- lots of vegetable growth

- a pond

- 3 minifigures: Old Fendrel, the Farmer and the Farmer’s son


Hope you enjoy this set.

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