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Superman: Action Comics #1


Perhaps the single most iconic comic book of all time, Action Comics #1 is where it all began.

Superman is credited as being the first superhero, created back in 1938 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. This set allows you to create a part of comic book history as you build the cover for Action Comics #1.

This set faithfully recreates the classic comic book cover by using perspective, decals and four minifigures. Superman himself is not immediately recognisable, as he features the original shield on his chest and has no belt, although he still has the classic red cape.

The set shows Superman lifting a car with his immense strength. The car has smashed windows and a missing wheel. The car is supported through the rock, and (along with some extra pieces and rebuilding) can be removed, fixed and played with.

The background as shown above is entirely brick-built. Although this is more attractive, it may add extensively to the brick count. Alternatively, a printed paper background could be used instead, of course this would be lacking any three-dimensional elements.

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