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AX-249 Predator


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AX-249 is a heavy fighter meant for short range strikes and ground support. Powered by twin VTOL fans, the Predator can stay in the air for over 12 hours. It's armament includes two eight-barrel rotary cannons and sixteen hellfire missiles, with special platforms for weapon changes, allowing the Predator to adapt better to the nature of its mission and environment. Maximum airspeed is about 307 mph, slower than most any other aerial vehicles. However, this is countered by its incredible mobility, allowing it to fly through spaces that would be impossible for other variants of fighters to traverse. The Predator's piece count is 867 bricks.

The hangar would not be included in the set, due to its outrageous piece count. The proposed set is the AX-249 Predator and a pilot. I might add a very small fueling station sometime in the future, which LEGO could add to the set, but probably will not.

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