Product Idea |

Automated RailRoad Crossing



Hello! Ever since I got into LEGO Trains I have always wanted an easy way to put down my RailRoad Crossing arms and back up again without running over to them and Hitting them down before your train goes by! This Automated Design is the mos realistic way I could make it with normal Lego Bricks.

How It works!

I have built the PowerFunctions Design to make sure it works! How it works is that Lego Rubber bands i found on some old sets of mine acting like a pulley that makes them go up and down.!

How I have Hid The Wires!

The Track it elevated by a thin 1x4 tile and the wires for the most part run under the track and ramps into the Control Box where the battery box and IR Receiver go for a nice clean look!


I love LEGO Trains and I am sure many others do too! I am sure a lot of you would like a set like this and I am sure that Kids through Adults will LOVE to be able to make their Layout more realistic and also have more playability!

I hope you will support this! Let's get more Lego Track side Structures out there!

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