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Hollow Knight

Journey into Hallownest with this Lego Ideas submission!

Hollow Knight is an indie Metroidvania game from Team Cherry, with wonderful characters, a magnificent hand-drawn two-dimensional art style, mesmerizing music, and detailed stories for a plethora of beloved characters. As one of the most iconic indie video games of all time, Hollow Knight has done its part to deserve a Lego set.

The set features the titular Hollow Knight as the main build alongside smaller models of a grub in a jar, the ever so jolly Dung Defender, and a bench, one of the game's iconic save points. Also included are three minifigures of the Knight, Hornet, and the Knight's Shade, as well as multiple accessories relating to the various areas and quests ingame such as:
  • The Hallownest Map and Quill
  • The Wayward Compass
  • The Dream Nail
  • A Rancid Egg
  • A Lifeseed
  • A Lightseed
  • A Delicate Flower
  • A Buzzsaw

It would be absolutely amazing if this was made into an official Lego set, so please click the support button if you would wish to see this as an actual set. Thank you so much!

EDIT: Added the fountain from the City of Tears, a Primal Aspid, a Quirrel Minifigure, and a buildable Grimm figure!

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