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The Blooming Witch Hazel

This is the blooming Witch Hazel!
The Witch Hazel (Hamamelis) is a bush like plant that normally has green leaves. When it's Winter season, the Witch Hazel will bloom: creating wonderful clusters of yellow petals. The many yellow hanging flowers create an interesting look. The Witch Hazel is potted in a medium azure pot to create a good color combination. The Blooming Witch Hazel is a decorative set.

Why I built it:
I love the botanical LEGO sets and I thought it would be a great idea to introduce everyone to new amazing looking plants. I never heard about the witch hazel until I saw the plant being used in Plants vs Zombies 2. I asked numerous people about the witch hazel, but no one seemed to know about its existence. It's time to introduce the world to the Witch Hazel!

Why this would make a great LEGO set:
The botanical collection is an amazing way for adults to enjoy LEGO and plants, it also makes a great decoration for shelves or desks. A perfect set for in the office or on the table, flowers have always been the key element for amazing decoration! Together with its blue pot, it makes a perfect color combination!

Fun facts:
  • The pot design was derived from the Orchid pot design
  • The petals are made from yellow flower stems
  • The yellow petals are red or orange in other Witch Hazel species
  • The witch hazel is used in skin care products
  • The Witch Hazel blooms during winter (unlike other plants)

Thanks for reading this far :)
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