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Savanna Master

First presented in the 1933 Chicago's World Fair, the Hispano-Suiza Savanna Master represents the pinnacle of the Old Continent's car technology.

The Savanna Master is powered by a HS v12 engine, rated 800 horsepower. Somewhat underwhelming if compared with other supercars like the SL20 Streamliner. However, what it lacks in raw horsepower is overcompensated by its groundbreaking front driving nacelles, capable of adaptive roll and pitch correction. The result is unparalleled adherence, even in the uncambered expressways that are so common in the Old Continent.

I love Dieselpunk aesthetics, which are strongly influenced by the Art Deco and the streamline design. Streamlining is like the grandfather of car aerodynamics, and it roughly began during the golden age of the interwar period between WW1 and WW2. Always wanted to build something in this fashion.
The Savanna Master is directly inspired by the works of Lego Dieselpunk Master Vince Tolouse. If you don’t know Vince’s artworks, then you should check his photostream in Flickr. Really cool stuff. His SL20 Streamliner is the direct ancestor of the Savanna Master.

The Savanna Master is an attempt to achieve a vehicle fully dominated by curved, smooth surfaces. A streamliner in the classic sense. I'm not an expert in Lego sets, but I believe Lego has never produced something similar. the car also hides some interesting building concepts, like a 45° tilted body cover.

The model is a physical build, with around 1200 part. Prototype was developed in LDD. Color is red because because of brick palette restrictions, but other colors would be possible. Anyway, I think red works pretty fine.

Well, this is my first attempt. Not sure how far will it go. Anyway, thanks for your support!

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