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Narnia: The White Witch's Camp


The battle for Narnia is about to begin! With Aslan supposedly dead, the White Witch is ready to mobilize her forces against High King Peter and his army. She's called on all the twisted and wicked creatures of Narnia - including minotaurs, goblins, harpies, and the infamous black dwarves - to come to her aid in the battle against the followers of Aslan. Her camp is teeming with activity as her army prepares for action!

Now you can relive action-packed moments from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as the White Witch's Camp comes to life in LEGO form! With 10,000 supporters, this set could become a reality. 

This model features a simple build designed for children that is true enough to the film to still be appreciated by adult collectors. Jadis has set up a pavilion from which to plot her conquest. Nearby stands a dark and twisted tree, representing the dark forest amid which her army has camped. A stash of extra weapons stands near the fire that sits at the center of the camp. 

This model is ready for playtime!

  • Use the map in the White Witch's pavilion as Jadis and Otmin plan their attack!
  • Keep your minifigures ready for battle with multiple weapons - swords and axes!
  • Enjoy lots of action and playtime with this model's healthy collection of minifigures!
  • Other creatures - like bats and owls - also lurk in the forest!
  • Warm the minifigures by the fire at the center of the camp!
  • Move the pieces of the camp about to create a larger play area - or buy multiple sets to create a bigger and more populous camp!

Recreate your favorite moments from the film with the following minifigures: 

  • NEW! Jadis, the White Witch (Battle)
  • NEW! Otmin the Minotaur
  • NEW! Black Dwarf Warrior
  • NEW! Female Goblin
  • NEW! Harpy

If you're ready for action-packed LEGO Narnia excitement and building, click support! Then spread the word so that "Narnia: The White Witch's Camp" can reach 10,000 supporters in record time!

Here are some things to look forward to on the journey to 10,000 supporters:

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