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Harper's Trading Post


Back for another roundup!

Bringing back the Old West one Lego Ideas set at a time. Here is the second entry of the New Western Line that is better than ever. What's a town without a local store? Introducing the Harper's Trading Post. From groceries to clothing, they got it all! The interior is packed with merchandise literally on the walls!

The set itself is 1,487 pieces on a 32x32 baseplate covered by many different plate pieces and 1x1 round tile pieces to give it a dirt/sand effect. The walls use slopes for siding and the establishment has both a front and back door. The roof is also removable to allow access. There are a total of five minfigures included: shopkeeper, shopkeeper assistant, cowboy, businessman, and shopper/townsperson. All the minfigures are supposed to be reminisent of the old western minfigures and their styles.

If you like the set, please support and please, please, please share. Thank-you!

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