Product Idea |

The King's Cross Cafe

What it is?
Modular building set with 5 open play spaces in the back. (Cafe, Kitchen, Bathroom, Desk and Loft)
Split in 3 parts (Cafe, Desk and Loft)
2612 parts including 1 motorbike, 2 scooters and 16 mini-figures.

The Story telling:
It's an old building bought by three friends: a barista coffee maker (Frank), an art collector (Harty) and a detective (Dan). Each of them help each other in the detective's investigations. The barista knows everyone in the neighborhood. The art collector knows the tracks and the business. The detective has the gift of making the right connections. In addition to that, the friends who frequent the cafe sometimes take part in the puzzles.

Why did I create it ?
For the design challenge and above all to offer a realistic imaginative play space.

A great LEGO Set:
It's a modular assembly with realistic details which makes it easier to build and which gives easier access for playing. There are main characters who occupy each of the three main spaces and secondary characters who participate in the adventure.

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