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K-1 Infinite

Galactic Space Empire Series. Second spaceship of the series. Since I made the last one, the G-2 Headquarters, which I made it more of a vertical shape, than horizontal, this one is flatter, yet it looks like a drone. I also had the idea to make it look like the ISS. with the solar panels. I did think of naming it ISS 2.0.
This contains over 1600 pieces. 
It will measure about 45 cm long, 30 cm wide, and 10 cm high. 

I am going to be making more of these spaceships weekly. Its okay. I will build new ones with hopefully a different shape and color if I can think of one. 
This is my sixth spaceship that I've ever released. The other ones are listed below:

Spaceship Squad
Lieutenant Commander Ship
L-2 Commander Ship
Futuristic Spaceship
G-2 Headquarters.

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