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Chambered Nautilus


The chambered nautilus (scientific name Nautilus Pompilius) is a well known ocean cephalopod, and is the largest in its family (with a shell up to 10 inches). Even though it is classified as a cephalopod, it does have 2 main anomalies: the eyes and tentacles. The eyes are much simpler than most, and, according to the dictionary, "are comparible to a pinhole camera". The tentacles are also unusual, mainly because it doesn't have tenticales. It has about 90 cirri, which are tiny retractable hair like appendages that also lack suckers. This set is about life sized, and includes 1 nautilus with a display stand on which it can be rotated. All the tentacles are fully posable, and the decorations on the base can be moved around. This set is very accurate, so it would make a great set for that reason, plus it is well known, both of which are reasons I built it.

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