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Toy Lending Library


I recently began volunteering at a Toy Lending Library.  Lego Duplos are a big part of the inventory.  In the toddler-preschool ages Duplos are great for so many reasons, from developing motor skills, to learning colors & shapes.  In this set I used a lot of different colors in order to help develop this skill.  Kids do love vibrant colors.  There are also a few shapes to recognize, squares, rectangles, and circles (they could also build triangles). 

The toy lending library I volunteer at has the mission of getting toys into the hands of kids to create opportunities to learn through play.  I couldn't think of a better way to honor this idea than by creating a set to represent this undertaking.  One I'm sure would be embraced by all the toy lending libraries out there serving their communities.

My idea is to have a person delivering toys to a Toy Lending Library, where there are kids checking out, and playing with the toys.  Kids will be able to play with this set, and get excited about checking toy boxes out from their local library or toy lending library.  They will be able to learn colors, and develop their fine motor skills.  With this set there not only is there an opportunity for them to learn about building by following directions, but also enough bricks to allow for a free build experience.

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