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Connected Houses

Welcome to/inside the connected houses.

I bought some Lego lamps 2 years ago which are designed like a Lego block 1x1x1 but in macro style. I was playing with these lights and tried to connect them together but it was impossible, there is no whole under the block. The Idea of making macroblock of Lego was there, but just making macroblock was not funny, so I decided to create little house like studio room with kitchen, sofa, TV etc...

I started to build it with the under part which had to be round and strong enough to resist to the coming pieces. The round must go inside a square so I used wedge pieces and wedges with circle parts were perfect.

The next goal was to insert what is needed inside a studio but without damage the outside of that cube, so I did 3 different entrances with steps to go in, changed the windows and did studio inside. Not enough space to add a shower but making the kitchens was funny. The best part was the sofa, I enjoyed a lot. I like the tile pieces.

I did bunkbed in one block because I like bunkbed, you are always ready to welcome a friend and play videogames.

These studios block are funny to me because they can be connected, you can build a tower or align them. It is, to me, the essence of lego to connect blocks but here, you mix macro to normal size which is funny. 😁

I think these minifigures stick really well with this theme and I wish Lego creates a yellow one to complete the set.

Hope you like it and if you like it click on the thumb. 🙂

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