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Toucan of the Rain-Forest


100 Supporters!

I took some pictures to show you guys what my toucan was up to... laughing, really, really loud.

It must have been an extemely funny joke, My toucan has gone bannannas! Silly birdie.

And then, he told Nightfly (my night dragon) about whatever was so funny, and he wouldn't stop laughing. (It can be reallyyyy anoying when a dragon starts that)

Anyway, thanks for supporting, today marks 100 supporters!


Green Sea Turtle

I have made two green sea turtles.

 The large sea turtle's stand has seaweed and red coral.


The small sea turtle is a little lager than a hatchling.

    It's stand has red, pink, and blue spiky coral.

       I hope that you enjoy my turtles and please support soon!

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