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BrickHeadz : Gaulish Druid Panoramix (Asterix)


Avé Lego fans,

What would be the Asterix stories without the awesome Gaulish druid named.... errrr, well, depending the country, his name is :

  • Panoramix (in French, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, Italian...)
  • Getafix in English
  • Miraculix in German
  • ...

So, the Gaul would be completely invaded by Roman legions. Thanks to his Magic Potion, the 38th album will be published next October.

That's why I've worked on this set, which contains the druid AND his cauldron (sorry, no magic potion expected in the set).

The character doesn't have much hairs on his head though the set contains 183 bricks.

As reminder, the previous sets are :

  • Heroes : Asterix, Obelix and Idefix here
  • Gaulish victims : Roman soldier and a wild boar here

Many thanks for your support.



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