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The Modular River

Kayaking is both a sport and an adventure. For anyone who loves challenges, nature and thrills.
My idea is for those who like to collect, make dioramas or simply to play.

The modular river consists of 8 pieces that can be assembled in any order to create your ideal river. According to my calculations, there are more than 40320 possibilities (yes it's amazing! Factorial 8).

So there is:
  • Two long straight parts, one of which is a torrent (the water has more relief)
  • Two small straight sections including a picnic area and a pebble beach.
  • Two bends, one with a broken tree on the river.
  • Two waterfalls that can either serve as a river end or allow you to make a river on several levels. It depends on what you want to do and what you can do. If you ever want to make a river on several levels, and you don't have enough bricks to raise the upper parts, my solution for dioramas is to use books like dictionaries and hide them under a green cover.
  • 4 characters & equipment

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