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Space Raptor



I present my new project : it's a space fighter jet, I'me not satisfect by the sets exist actual, so I have imagined my own jet.
there are many functions :

4 reactors, a cockpit and a hood for acces in the engines. The landing gears can be folding. Ther are two positions for the laser canons. There is in the back a drone, it can be detach for fly alone. I have imagined 3 minifigs : 1 pilot, 1 mecanic and 1 enginner for prepar the missions.

The jet dimensions are 45 cm by 42 cm wide. The model is 100% made with LEGO bricks.

Thanks for taking the time to look over the project and hope that you liked what you saw.
Don't hesite to post comment.
Thanks for the attention and have a nice day.


You can see my project in video for see all the functions :

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