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Big Shiny Trumpet


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Whether you are a hot jazz lover, a marching band enthusiast, or a classical music fan, this is for you: a big, shiny trumpet WITH WORKING PISTONS!

I tried to capture the spirit of a B flat trumpet, rather than copy an existing one. It is, therefore, a compromise between different makers and models, although I must admit that my main references were trumpets owned by Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie.

In order to have working piston valves I decided to sacrifice the cylindrical shape of the casing. There are no moving slides, though, but the pipes are modular, so you can adjust their length by simply adding or removing pieces. It can be further customized by removing a few components (water key and bottom ring) and replacing the straight junction near the pistons with a bent one: this way you will have a real Dizzy-looking trumpet!

No custom bricks have been used, only original ones with new colors (a whole lot of chrome gold!).

Enjoy and share the fun! :-)

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