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Rocky vs. Creed - 50th Anniversary

The Rocky movie franchise is turning 50 in 2026, so there's no better time than now to gather support for the Italian Stallion to be introduced into LEGO form! The classic underdog story of a small-time boxer from Philadelphia is depicted in this project with over 1200 pieces, which focuses on the final showdown between Rocky and the Heavyweight Champion Apollo Creed. The boxing ring itself captures every detail from the film with its patriotic design. Additionally, this project features a seating area so the spectators can watch these two legends go head to head, as well as some tables for the judges. Finally, there is a curtain to recreate the iconic walkouts for both champions.
This project includes a total of six minifigures to complete the final scene of the first film. Rocky Balboa is seen equipped with his boxing gloves and shorts and is accompanied by his beloved Adrian, his best friend Paulie, and his head trainer Mickey. Also included is Apollo Creed in his star-spangled outfit, as well as a referee.

This would be the perfect LEGO set for both play and display, capturing such an iconic scene from one of the most popular film franchises of all time during its 50th anniversary. If you want to have the chance of owning your very own Rocky LEGO set like I do, be sure to support this project and tell your friends to do so as well. This is my first Ideas project, so I greatly appreciate any help getting this to 10K. Thanks for your support!

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