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Cybershark Hammerhead D 2311

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Hello everyone!

Cyber-punk art in LEGO? Is this even possible? Yes, we can build it!
This story is about a cybership, which has the shape of a hammerhead shark named “Hammerhead D 2311”.
The main reason I designed the cybership in shark shape is because I really like this amazing animal.
It is worth mentioning the fact that sharks have additional senses, more than humans do!
And then it’s Cyberpunk art… A very challenging and intriguing theme! I have always been fascinated by the bright and variety of colors that depict this art. I really wanted to see how a LEGO set would come out by using these special, distinctive color combinations!

Ιt's an exploratory/sonar cybership, shaped like a hammerhead shark, for the same reason the shark has sharpened senses for locating, targeting and knowing what exactly is around him like a living GPS. And after it creates new maps, it searches and energy sources at it's travels.

The starship is consisted of 4 sections. Each one of them can open by using detachable doors in order to access the interior when you play.
These spaces are:
A. The cockpit and radar, which are equipped with levers and instruments.
B. The equipment room, where you can find laser electric guitar lenses, cymbals, 3d communication projection and laser guns.
C. The landing area, where the cyber rider vehicle and the laser skate land.
D. The engine room, which is located at the bottom of the boat, it has 6 opening doors with adjustable generators.

The cyberships crew consists of a crew of 5!

The entire starship is fixed on a large base and it is consisted of 4 large energy tanks, that connect to the starship through LEGO tires.
The LEGO tires where used on the set in order to achieve a more organic silhouette look.

number of bricks: 2311

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