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Lego Avengers and Harry Potter set


This is my lego project and it's a big chessboard and four type of different set of pieces.

There're the ninja set, the Avenger set, the Harry potter set, and the Dwarfs set.

Now, i'm working for a star wars set and a typical chess pieces set.

In the avenger's set there are:

  • nick fury as the king
  • black window as the queen
  • wolverine on his motorbike as the knight
  • hulk as the rook
  • iron man as the bishop
  • Hawkeye as the pawns

In the harry potter's set there are:

  • albus dumbledore as the king
  • minerva gonagall as the queen
  • harry on his ninbus2001 as the knight
  • a tower of hogwords as the rook
  • professor lupin as the bishop
  • unci unci  as the pawns

I think that it can be sold as a starter set with a chessboard and two different type of piece set, and three or four additional set with another piece set. 

Follow me for the next set and support this project!

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