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Modular Rainbow Rooftop Gardens


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The Story

The people of Rainbow Ville come in all shapes and sizes. And colours. Their favourite past-time is to go up to their rooftop gardens and tend to them. Paint the sheds, add colourful items to the paths, and make sure that their garden looks better than anyone else's. There is Roger Red, who is always looking after the flames in his garden. Oscar Orange is always changing his shed's roof design. Then there is Yolanda Yellow, who likes to build ornaments for her shed. Gary Green and Brenden Blue are always arguing over whose garden looks the best and Penelope Purple is never seen without some sweets! Over all, the citizens of Rainbow Ville usually get on together. That is, until the annual garden competition...

Inspiration for the Build

I don't really know how I got the idea for the build, other than I think I wanted to make something colourful. My first design of this was on a single base plate, so there was no modularity to it at all. Then, I made six bases that could join together, and then I just put the original gardens and sheds onto the new bases, and that is how the model was built. 

About The Build

This model contains approx. 900 pieces and 6 minifigures. It comprises of 6 bases that have the pin and hole connecting system in built into them. On each of the bases are the gardens and sheds owned by the people of Rainbow Ville. This system of having 6 individual bases means that you can arrange the gardens in any way you like ( 2 ways are shown in the images). Each garden consists of a shed, personalized to that garden's colour (for example, red is Fire.) They also contain a small area in front of the shed which represents the garden area. At the front of each garden, there is a 2 stud wide path, which is built with different interesting bricks from that colour. If you display the model in the way shown by the main image, you will get a 4 stud wide path that goes through the model.

Why would this make a good Lego set?

In my opinion, this build makes a great play set and a great display set. This is because it really sums up the different styles of brick in each color, and is really eye-catching, which is what makes a great display set. It is a great play set because of the minifigures and the variety of the landscapes, and can be a great set to roleplay a story with.

Also, another great feature of this set is that is open to expansion with new and different, potentially themed, modular rooftop gardens.

If you would like to see this set on the shelves of your Lego shop, please click the support button and tell all your friends and family to do the same, this will make the people of Rainbow Ville very happy.

Thanks for spending your time reading this and have a lovely day!