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From deep underground, to the depths of the sea, to the far reaches of space, the Explorer Team pilots their Explorerbots to discover the secrets of the universe! 

The Ocean Explorer
With powerful engines and an extra air supply, this Explorerbot delves into the depths of the ocean, finding new sea life, uncovering unknown geological features, and discovering forgotten underwater kingdoms. When a hands-on approach is needed, pilot Ginger ventures out in her pressure suit, using her mini sea scooter to get around and her harpoon to fend off danger.

The Subterranean Explorer:
​With a titanium drill and powerful claw, nothing stops this Explorerbot from plumbing the furthest depths of the earth, whether in search of crystal caves, new minerals, or lost subterranean civilizations. When the going gets tough, pilot Hank isn't afraid to grab his pick and hammer and get his hands dirty, or clear the area with his mini-dozer.

The Space Explorer:
With multiple thrusters for zero-G manouvering and an array of tools, this Explorerbot searches for new mineral resources and alien life in space. Pilot Zed can perform satellite and spaceship repairs using the Explorerbot's handy tools, or travel short distances using his mini-shuttle.

Each Explorerbot has lots of articulation, and comes with a pilot minifig, detachable mini vehicle, tools, and an environmental element for great playability. All gear, including helmets and tools, mounts on the Explorerbot when not in use.

This is a complete reworking of my very first Ideas project from 2016. I've gotten a bit more sophisticated with my design and building techniques since then. Thanks for your time and consideration!

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