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Mars Mission: Ultimate Dropship


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"Welcome aboard! It's been well over a decade since the Mars Mission team has had any official recognition, but we are still here. We're now a successful intergalactic mining company distributing powerful energy crystals across the galaxy. But even with our success we have some old enemies. Those glowing-green aliens are still seeking revenge to this day..."

"The MM2020 Ultimate Dropship is one of our most advanced planetary and intergalactic star-freighters to date. It can comfortably hold a crew of four minifigures and features an interchangeable cargo bay with built-in alien prison pods. We also have a state-of-the-art boarding ramp to the crew's quarters, impressive rocket engines, and a comfortable cockpit devoted to our commander for piloting. This starship is also used for exploring the little known terrain on our beloved red planet."

The MM2020 Ultimate Dropship was one of three award-winning creations grouped together under the title "The Epic Return to Mars", which won First Place at the 2018 Oregon State Fair (USA) in the "Original Design" building block division. Mars Mission is one of my most favorite line of LEGO space sets ever created, so of course I had to create my own spaceship inspired by this theme. I originally built it for a local competition, but kept it together afterwards making a few minor improvements to it over time. I believe it has potential to make a great LEGO set due to it's complex (but strong) body structure and it's many play/display features. I also believe that it will appeal to both older LEGO fans as well as the new and upcoming generations of LEGO builders.

For those who may be less familiar to this theme, Mars Mission was (in summary) a LEGO space theme produced between 2007-2008 featuring a group of astronauts mining energy crystals on planet Mars while dealing with hostile glow-in-the-dark aliens. 

Please support and share! I really appreciate all of your feedback and am happy to answer any of your questions.

I also appreciate your thoughts on how to possibly improve my product ideas. Just because the creation is award-winning doesn't mean I can't adjust or improve it! (fun fact: the Dropship was only 80% complete when it won first place) 

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