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Classic Space Jet Fighter


This is my Classic Space Jet Fighter. Unlike my other model, the Classic Space Starfighter, this one is designed specifically for HALO (High Atmosphere, Low Orbit) applications. For maneuverability, it foregoes the standard engines and directional thrusters for a series of Ion Pulse drives. These are powered directly by electricity, eliminating the need for pesky fuel! Given it's application as a espionage or small freight vehicle, it also gets rid of the standard cockpit and replaces it with a forcefield. In the event that there is equipment failure, there's a mechanically operated life support system connected to the Pilot from the seat. Also, it has lift generating wings, a parachute, and a Ramjet engine in the event of having total power loss or for atmospheric travel. In other words, this is the perfect budget ship for a resourceful space program! Now this specific model has a capacity to hold one mini figure (Classic Space of course!) in the pilot seat and contains just over 220 pieces, making this the perfect budget ship for all of you dedicated Swooshers and Stop Motion fanatics out there (for posterity, a Swoosher is someone who likes to pretend fly their lego ships, and let's face it. We've all done it! I'm sorry, it's just so much fun!) Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my project.

If you'd like to view or support my other project, the sister model to this ship, just click this link:

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