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Usual house


Hi! This is my first project: house. It is based on two base plates 16x32.The inspiration were lego creators sets, friends and city. There are house (It can be open as lastest Creator houses), minifigure, car, barbecue and some other parts (tools for garage,  two sausages and skateboard). At the right is sliding door, at the left is garage. Inside are 4 rooms, which makes it playable:

  1. Garage with tools,
  2. Kitchen with sink and cooker,
  3. Bedroom with bed and computer,
  4. Room with table

Outside are two trees, mailbox and a few other things.

I hope you will like it and there will be 10.000 supporters

Photos descripion:

Main photo: Right-front view

  1. Right-back view
  2. Left-back view
  3. Left-front viev
  4. Up view
  5. Opened
  6. Rooms
  7. garage
  8. kitchen
  9. kitchen-phone
  10. bedroom
  11. bedroom-bed
  12. bedroom-computer
  13. outside
  14. opened garage
  15. gates
  16. minifigure and barbecue
  17. barbecue
  18. car-back
  19. car-opened back
  20. car
  21. skater
  22. room with table
  23. bin

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