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The Sweet Mobile

Isn’t a mobile the demonstration of the perfect balance?

The Sweet Mobile has this childish design that is simple but efficient. Conceived and calculated to respect laws of balance. Made with a solid cross-shaped support, a cloud, petals, its flower and a beautiful life-spreading bee, it creates a perfect decor.  You can take off some elements to put your own creations. This way you can really make it your own.

I had this idea because I love pushing the limits of my creativity. Also, mobiles are a rare thing on the LEGO market. I enjoy challenging myself into projects like this one. In that case it was in doing something strong, well-balanced and with nice lines.

Right after it’s built, this LEGO set will satisfy you just by hanging it and looking at its beauty. Despite its childish look, it will please any kid, it can enlighten adults lives, especially those with a house full of little ones.

Have fun!

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