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The 50x50 Ft. House (By L. Mies Van Der Rohe in 1951)

“The Fox’s Home”

Hello dear friends of building block techniques.
Here you can see Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe's 50x50 ft. house from 1951. It was a further development of the famous Farnsworth House. Unfortunately, the house didn't make it past the project planning stage. It was only in 2018, 67 years after development, that an American winemaker and dealer came up with the idea of building the original house. A cutaway model of the house existed before, but only in the museum. A report about the construction of the house on the Internet gave me the idea of building it in Lego. Since I love foxes more than anything, I gave it the name “The Fox’s Home”.

Why did I build it?
I love the large glass facades. It gives you an incredible amount of freedom in the house and this house, like the Farnworth House, is incredible. Mies van der Rohe had a quote that said: less is more.
And here he has proven it once again. As small as the house may seem, it has a floor space of over 230 square meters.

Why Lego might build it?
Maybe the developers at Lego and you will like it as much as I do?

Architect: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (USA 1951)
Name: The 50x50 ft. House as unbuilt project
One Built in original condition: 2018 by a American Vincer from California.
Parts: 876
Groundplane: 32x32x8.4 Studs
Grams: 646

The 50x50 ft. house in the web (English web site)

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