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Snow Castle Treasure Hunt

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Hello everyone,
In this design, I created a treasure hunt in snow game. This lego design involves two teams; one team is located in the castle, and another team is occupying the lands surrounding the premises of the castle. The objective of the game is to conquer the treasure of the other team.
I build this project because it reminds me and my twin brother, way back when, time spent outdoors playing in the snow with our friends.
This would make a great LEGO set because the features are imaginative, amazing, and will provide hours of fun.
Specifications of the design:
- Lego pieces used everywhere in this project
- Total parts: 2000-2500
- Total minifigures: 8
Castle specifications:
- Length: 31 cm (12.2 po)
- Width: 29 cm (11.4 po)
List of features included for the team located inside the castle:
1- Blue flag
2- Two pairs of doors to protect the castle: principal doors made of wood and secondary doors made of snow
3- Mega snowball to add additional security to the entrance of the castle
4- High technology machine gun installed on a 360-degree rotary seat
5- Flexible crane with cable used to supply snowballs on the second floor of the castle
6- Open and split the castle to make it easier when playing inside
7- Tables, shelf with drawer, cup, tooling to repair walls and other mechanic equipment
8- Catapult
9- Safety rescue inflatable boat to allow for a faster exit propelled by 2 compressed shocks
10- Small hidden sliding machine to make a second option to escape
11- Armed snowman soldier controlled by remote to scare the opposing team
12- 2 towers
13- Tower windows made of vertical bars
14- Shields, lanterns, binoculars, throwing ball weapons, etc
15- Small snowballs, white and painted balls, huge balls
16- Additional snowballs located all around the corridor of the second floor
17- Treasure hidden under a trapdoor in the castle floor
18- 4 minifigures
List of features included for the team located outside the castle:
1- Red Flag
2- 6 snowmen to act as guards and allow to hide behind
3- Brackets installed on the walls of the castle to make climbing easier
4- Various equipment used to climb the castle walls: tall leg extensions, manual hooks, knotted rope and ladder
5- Mega huge snowball with a launcher station. This snowball has the ability to crash the doors of the castle or to defeat the Armed snowman soldier !
6- General station with disk launcher and music
7- High-tech mechanical machine that makes snowballs operated by a wooden X steering wheel. You can build a lot of balls in few minutes!
8- Old recycled tire to hide and protect as getting closer to the castle
9- The huge snowman allowing one minifigure to access-In as an additional hiding place
10- Flexible catapult that can move with skis
11- 2 Snowball reserves adapted with skis that can move easily at various locations
12- Chainsaw to cut blocks of snow or open a passage in a wall of the castle
13- Skis, snowboards
14- Shields, binoculars, throwing ball weapons
15- Multiples trees and rocks
16- Table and fire to relax and cook. There are enough wood logs to stay there for several hours!
17- Treasure chest controlled inside the general station
18- 4 minifigures and 1 dog

I hope you will love and support it.
Best regards,
Gabriel Gendron (gabrielgendron)

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