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Sixties Supermarket


Enjoy swift service and Sixties savings at the super Sixties Supermarket!

Sixties Supermarket would make a great Lego set because it offers hours of occupational role-playing fun for children, a detailed and nostalgic model for adults and food and housing for minifigures. It would fit into any city display and go well with the 20th century theme of existing Lego modular buildings.


Sixties Supermarket includes:


Coffee stand with umbrella, takeaway cups and coffee grinder

Two trolleys with groceries


Technic pins and holes for connection to existing modulars

Outdoor lamps

Supermarket emblem with meat, bread and apple



1961 Chevrolet Nomad Station Wagon 

Dashboard and radio details, license plate and removable roof

Five seats and storage. Seats three minifigures comfortably


First floor: Supermarket

Stairs to second floor

Rubbish bin

Cat, rat and cheese

Checkout with cash register ,basket, milk and bottle

Display of cans

Meat display with T-bone steak, chicken drumstick and sausages

Shelves with cans, tins, boxes, pizza,soap bars and bottles

Fridges with opening doors, air conditioning and freezer items

Washed potatoes


Vegetable/fruit  display with cherries,bananas, red apples and broccoli 

Bakery display with white bread, cream pie, chocolate pastry, macaroons, croissant and pretzel


Second floor: Apartment (removable)  


Small wooden table with rotary red telephone

Bookshelf with books, model ship in bottle, paper and cherry

1950`s television with aerials and screen

Tall red lamp

Red lounge

Wooden coffee table with newspaper and cup

Small wooden table with 1960`s transistor radio

Potted plant

Painting on wall

Doors to rooms


Children`s bedroom with bunk bed ,ladder and red and purple sheets


Beatles record cover on wall

Toy Apollo rocket

Toy sailboat

Toy police car

Perfume bottle

Beatles wig on wig stand


Parent`s bedroom

Wooden writing desk with letter and fountain pen

Double bed with blue sheets

Bedside table with drawer and dark green lamp

Flowers in a pot

Wash basin

Dresser with hairbrush and bottle


Roof (removable) with air vents and gauge


Includes ten minifigures (left to right)

Male supermarket owner

Female store employee

Male coffee stand worker



Teenage girl (Beatles fan)



Male customer with money

Female customer


Includes 1343 pieces


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