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Have you ever noticed how LEGO Technic only emulates real-life vehicles? Construction machines, aeroplanes, race cars etc. But no strange, non-existant machines.

I propose this to be a LEGO Ideas set to break that streak with a (hopefully) interesting and fun creation - The OD-CX or Omni-Directional Crater Xplorer. It is a concept vehicle designed specially to look strange. The "Crate Xplorer" part of the name is there because I thought it could manouvre on the moon quite easily! The vehicle may pride it's self on two strong extendable arms, protruding from the biggest wheels that LEGO currently offers, and hosting a strong gripper claw and functional drill! All these functions are motorised and IR controlled with LEGO Power Functions.

  • extendable arms (L motor)
  • strong hand/claw (servo motor)
  • spinning drill (M motor)
  • huge, driven wheels (2 XL motors)
  • IR control (2 IR receivers, 2 IR remote controls)

This list also shows this sets value in providing motors to be used in your very own creations! The hands can easily be removed from the arms and made into whatever one might like to put a motor in!

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