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Unfinished Business


Unfinished Business & Home Sweet Home: A 2-in-1 Set.

This 2-in-1 set allows you to build a house, which is still under construction, as well as the finished house, ready to be moved into.

1. Unfinished Business.

The first model is a house in the process of being built, complete with scaffolding, materials and builders. The construction of the model is based on real-world building methods. The house has a breeze-block inner wall and an outer skin of 1x2 red bricks and 1x1 half-bricks in stretcher bond. It has floor joists, floorboards, rafters, and roof tiles. The builders are led by a female foreman and are using the unfinished living room as a tea room. The builders have finished one side of the house and have already plumbed in the bathroom and kitchen. On the other side of the house, materials are stacked on the scaffolding and the builders are getting ready to install the window, complete the walls and finish the roof.

2. Home Sweet Home.

Now that the builders are finished, the couple can move into their one bedroom house with a kitchen, bathroom and living room. All that remains is to get the scaffolding poles, planks and tools off-site.

About this project.

This project was a collaborative effort, that I worked on with my 6-year-old son, Isaac. He is a life-long Lego fan and owns at least his own weight in Lego. He was desperate to create and submit a set for 'Lego Ideas' having seen my old 'Lego Design By Me' spaceship I made before he was born. 

This set is around 1100 pieces, hopefully meaning the finished set can be reasonably affordable.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this project.

Please vote for us! My son would be over the moon if his set got made.

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