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Hunt on the Hydra

I present a set depicting the fight between Heracles and the Hydra, surrounded by elements screaming about Greece.

The Idea:

The idea of the set evolved from building a polybag sized hydra, while experimenting with bricks, adding Heracles (with 'savage barbarian' look to contrast against his, currently existing in LEGO, IP version) and an overgrown temple ruin that eventually turned into a well-preserved one and separate olive tree. Next idea development was to add references to other myths and Greece culture plus keep the set small, but detailed.

The Build:

Build has around 430 pieces/255 grams of bricks, including three minifigures (Hercules, dryad and priestess). Set contains three sub-models:
  1. The Temple, with Hermes attributes (sandals and staff), red grapevine with ripe fruits, Olimpic torch, small dog behind underground gate, as steal the Cerber Heracles job representation and nanominifigure of Charon with sticker of his boat.
  2. Olive tree connected by wedge-hinge technique to canopy with amphoras and green grapevine. Tree has place to snot dryad to it, owl, bow and golden apple for next Heracles job reference. Tree also uses jumper twice to get not straight angles and probably should have stickers/prints for a bark (or universal for bark and stones) with moss on 2x4 slopes.
  3. Hydra, small swamp nest and two 2-3 pieces plants. Skull could be replaced with cyclop skull.

Dev notes:

  • Dryad hasn't got fitting torso print in Stud,io pieces library, so she has it empty on the pictures.
  • Snake Head + Bar holder with Clip + Bar holder with Handle + green Cattle Horn from temple's plants can create big snakes from Heracles childhood story.
  • Fairy amount of the recolors in set: Coral to Reddish Brown, both Bar holders to Dark Green, all amphorae parts plus some minifigures parts.
  • Builds on the last image have reduced recolored parts (except amphoras, without good replacement) and are slightly repainted to match switched colors.
  • Additional parts (like legs, belt, sword, shield, scales, two sided head with blindfolded eyes on the one side) could be included to make possible change priestess to oracle of Delphi, amazon queen (with belt and next Heracles job reference) or Themis. Same with lion helmet (68517pb01) and lion mane (patterned cloak) for Heracles.

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