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The Miami Hotel

The Miami Hotel! A place of Lego City where family & friends can enjoy their vacation in an Art Deco style hotel that's situated along the seafront.

The Miami hotel consists of a large open Ground Floor lobby, with a Reception Desk, Concierge, Bar & Lounge, indoor seating and outdoor seating areas to the Entry of the Hotel.

The First & Second floors contain two bedrooms, open Living spaces, large Kitchen and Dining areas and a Bathroom to each floor. The facade contains bright coloured windows & shading devices that replicate the appearance of Art Deco hotels located in Miami. Lastly the roof top consists of a swimming pool, timber patios and a series of sunlounger chairs for visitors to lay by the pool in the sunshine!

I believe this set will be unique addition to the modular building range as it's a unique concept compared to previous sets released.

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