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Rolls Royce Phantom

Has your breath ever been taken away by the majestic presence and grandeur of a classic luxury car? For me, the epitome of automotive splendor is embodied in the Rolls Royce Phantom. This magnificent machine, with its balance of immense power and lavish design, sings a harmonious tune of luxury and class.

Nevertheless, it is quite disheartening to notice the lack of homage paid to such legendary motor vehicles. The market is saturated with models that glorify contemporary supercars, leaving timeless icons like the Rolls Royce Phantom in a shroud of undeserved obscurity.

To rectify this, I ventured on a mission to craft a model set honoring this extraordinary vehicle. Guided by a deep-seated respect for the Phantom's original design, I meticulously replicated each curve, each line, employing real bricks and actual photographs to ensure utmost authenticity.
The journey, while fulfilling, was not without its challenges. Functional windscreen wipers, locking doors and tamper proof the Spirit of Ecstasy are as they were in the original vehicle. Please, watch the video below.

The design for the wheels was inspired by the original model and 3D printed to scale. There are still some discoloured peaces because I simply could not find correct ones but wanted to use real bricks to complete the model. Despite these small improvisations, I am proud of the final product, as it captures the essence of the Rolls Royce Phantom in all its glory.

I am staunchly convinced that this concept deserves actualization because it aligns with the true essence of car design. It transcends beyond mere functionality; it's about sculpting a marvel that commands respect and instills awe. At a time when many companies appear to have drifted from these values, this set serves as a potent reminder of the fundamental ethos of automotive design.
For many, including myself, the joy of designing and building model sets lies in the creation of something unique and captivating. I hope that this Rolls Royce Phantom set will kindle a creative fire in others. Let's revive the tradition of crafting timeless masterpieces - creations that will endure time's relentless march and continue to enchant future generations.

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