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Construction Highway Truck and Tow behind Trailer


Hi, This is my new idea  called Construction Highway Truck and Tow Behind Trailer. It has 256 total bricks and pieces. I first started out building the Construction Highway Truck.  Inside it has a cup holder for a mug, or two take out cups,two red seats, a drive stick, a drive wheel. 

In the middle you have the sides,  diesel tank,mile sign, yellow cement blocks with orange lights, two red cones with orange lights, a Orange and white cone, a yellow yield sign, a trailer hitch on the back, a tailgate with speed limit sign that has a Construction speed of 50 MPH, two stop sign holders on the truck, two red stop signs with orange light,

On the trailer you have a double sided fence that is hooked together, a dust bin, a shovel holder, shovel,  two orange right triangles for the direction of the traffic lane along with orange lights on the triangles to help show the traffic what lane to be in. Also on the back you have a back up camera 

Beside you have two flaggers, wearing orange pants, orange safety vest, orange construction helmet, red construction helmet. 

I built this idea because i have always wanted one of these trucks because i have many lego Construction vechiles and the crews could use it to help with traffic. I did not build any other vechiles to go with this idea. You will have fun playing with it because i had fun building it. It would go with anything, and it is appropriate for everyone. Please tell your family and friends about Constrution Highway Truck and Tow Behind Trailer and thank you. Have a Great Day!

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