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Sub Space Explorer MK2


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Sub Space Explorer MK2

Explore deep into the univerce with the Sub Space Explorer collect data and visit new worlds all at the speed of light 

after watching the lego movie with my year 3 year old son and buying the lego movie space sets, benny spaceship and now the newer sets from lego movie 2. Playing and building these along with my older sets from 1970s and 1980s we built our own space ship which we are more than happy to share to the lego communitiy 

Insparation is drawn from childhood space lego sets. We built our space ship to be able to fly fast and over long distances to explore far and wide through space using the bricks we had spare. 

Main pionts of interest for us are the clasic space lego style grey plates and upper blue bricks. We took inspiration from benny spaceship and used wheel hubs as intergalatic engines along with nod to original space sets with older rocket booster too giving the set a type of warp light speed capability, we added wing area just enough to suggest both space flight and gravaty planet flight 

We used the space lego logo from new set and some other older parts, idealy we would have liked to have the back open and carry small landing rover 

We know this is a slightly nieve model but we feel it captures what lego means to us. A way to bring our imagination to life, we have used the bricks we have to our best. We do wish we had more to add more features dimmensions and a modular back section to detach like small control center pod

During the build I could see the love and fun I used to have with lego as a child come alive in my 3 year old son as we brought his imagination to life.

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