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Brick Hotel

Welcome to the new brick hotel!

Here you will be welcomed by our staff, our rooms are prepared for you .enjoy your day.

(unibrick ^ 2 = plate 2x2)
   (abbreviation = ub ^ 2)

It includes:

1st floor: Lobby, waiting room, first-aid kit, latest news room, public phone, decoration plants, stairs to the second floor, and many more details.

2nd floor: fire extinguisher, room 101 (bathroom, wide bed, remote control television, fan, wardrobe, medicine cabinet, and many more details.

3rd floor: fire extinguisher, room 201 (bathroom, 2 cabins, remote control television, fan, first-aid kit, old telephone.

Guest terrace: binoculars (activated with a 5 cent coin), decoration plants.
A total of 8 minifigures

Area in unibricks ^ 2:
1st floor: 83 ub ^ 2
2nd floor: 89.5 ub ^ 2
3rd floor: 89.5 ub ^ 2
Guest terrace: 91 ub ^ 2

Width — 28.5 cm
Lenght — 25.8 cm
Height — 37.6 cm

I built it because i like hotels, i mean its relaxing. and i think many people also liked it, its awesome (well if it is a good hotel.)
As you can see i invented a measurement system called unibricks ^ 2 which is equivalent to a 2x2 plate.

i hope you like my creation, leave a comment of what do you think and support this project. and always remember without effort there are no results.

thank you.

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