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Batman Big Small Vehicles


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“Hi, I’m Batman.  You may have heard of me, seen my Batsign in the night sky?  I’m a bad *ss.  If there’s anyone that’s going to save Gotham City from the low-lifes, thieves and crooks then I’m going to be the one who does it.  Not a believer?  That’s your problem.  Deal with it.  Watch my film, the film about me.  There might be other superheroes there too but really it’s about me.  Check out my sweet rides: the Batmobile and the Batwing.  Even my vehicles are named after me.  I’m that bad *ss.  The criminals don’t stand a chance.  There time is over.”

I really like Lego Big Small craft, where the minifigure is big in contrast to the vehicle which is small, such as Luke flying an X-WIng, model no.75032, or Han Solo sitting on the side of the Millennium Falcon, model no. 75030.  So after I bought and made a small Batmobile, model no. 30181, and a small Batwing, model no. 30301 I wanted to improve them by making a Batman minifigure drive or fly them.  They also needed to be more sturdy and only made out of solid, black Lego (so they're like in the superb Tim Burton films) except for the yellow and orange transparent pieces.  I was really pleased with the results and think they look great.

The Batmobile has wings like the bigger Batmobile, model no. 6864, and they can be rotated to be diagonal or horizontal if wanted, and it has a steering wheel to drive it.  The Batwing has a pilot seat and lever controls to fly it.

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