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Lego Steampunk Chase


Somewhere high in the clouds, a great race rages on. The two airship pilots attempt to avoid the small and speedy planes. Both sides are determined to succeed. Who will win...

Lego Steampunk Chase:

  • Approximately 100 to 120 pieces 
  • minimal building time
  • Easy construction
  • Features: Four steampunk-themed minifigures, two small steampunk planes and (of course) a steampunk airship 

Hello reader, welcome to my first steampunk build. I am new to the steampunk field and appreciate all feedback, suggestions and/or concerns. Some things I would like to change would be small things like improving its sleekness, a stronger/supporting base. I would be extremly grateful for your support and criticism for this build. I am planing a few more steampunk projects in the future so keep an eye out for those. Once again thanks for reading this and Enjoy...

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