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Fast 6-Dominic Toretto's '69 Dodge Charger Daytona

As I Googled "Fast 6 Dodge Charger Daytona", I was shocked to see that there were none depicting the one from the movie. Of course, there were a few Daytonas, but none were modeled after the one in the movie. So, in turn, I decided to make one in LDD. And here, as above, is the result. PLEASE support, as I, and hopefully many others, would like to see this as a model. Feel free to make any suggestions in the comments section, as it probably needs improvement, so, constructive criticism would help. Oh, and if you liked it, I'm working others from the movie such as Brian's Escort, Roman's Mustang, and Shaw's Flip car, although the flip car has proven to be quite hard because of the front. See, I have found it too thin to create. Also, the front underside and the windscreen have been changed, and some SNOT techniques were added by cote2, so you can thank him for the changes that he's made. You can compare the two. In the comments section, please tell me which version you like better.

Rear View (I tried to get the tail lights, but it didn't work, as the ratio would make it seem... weird. And in the main picture, as you can see, there are no head lights, as that also didn't work.

Here is the original, and you can compare the two models.

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