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Lego Pawn Shop


     This project was inspired by my love of collecting old us coins and currency.  Pawn shops have all sorts of things including but not limited too coins, silver bullion, gold, rings, and guitars.  I thought a pawn shop would be a great addition to any lego city or layout.  Where else would minifigures take their used possesions to be traded for cash or other valuables?  I tried to add a lot of details to this building to give it the look of a store that is ready for business.  The pig out front, is the owners pet, his name is Hamlett.  The owner turns on the red flashing light on Hamlett's back when he is having a sale on certain goods.  Also, if someone steals something, the owner might turn on the flashing light and sent Hamlett after the crook. 

    This shop sells a great variety of things. In the first picture, you can see the old grandfather clock that is for sale.  In the second picture, you can the hardware section, and a woman thinking about buying some used houseware items or possibly that stuffed teddy bear.  In the third picture is some random items and some super hero replicas.  The most expensive things are placed under the counter.  Things under the counter are some old coins and paper money, diamonds, and a phone.  The motorcycle and violin case are alse added here for extra fun, as the minifigures can walk in and trade their items for items in the shop or cash value.  This set is made to be versatile,  it can be placed by itself or can connect to the modular buildings.  The scenes of the inside are cutaway images of the building, but the roof can be removed easily because of tile pieces.  Thanks for looking at this set.  Lets try to make make it to 10,000 supporters!

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