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The Pianist


Hello people of lego ideas and welcome to the set, The Pianist.This set comes with a possible figure, a stool, and a grand piano.

After a rousing applause from the audience, the pianist gets off his stool to close the lid of the piano. He moves the blocky lid prop down into the body and covers the delicate grill strings with the rough lid. He leaves at a blocky pace.

The grand piano is the largest part of this set and has many features in it. First, it has a lid, a lid pose, and a small music stand. The lid has another little lid that can fly open, but not fully open ( the little latch on the lid, closest to keys). The body of the piano can be seen with strings. Some of the strings are chrome grill to give the steel string vibe. The figure is able to move legs freely, but arms are pretty limited. The bench is just a bench. 

This was a lot of fun to build and please consider supporting!

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