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Search & Rescue Spaceship


About the Project: 

The Search and Rescue Spaceship is an interplanetary spacecraft dedicated to rescue missions in space or/and on planets with different environments. Its purpose it's to intercept distress signals emitted by spaceships or individuals who might be in immediate danger.

With advanced radar and signal monitoring technology, it can capture messages throughout an entire solar system and come to the rescue of people at incredible speed. Its crew is composed of professionals trained in the practice of perilous missions in any situation. It is assisted by two drones manipulated by the artificial intelligence of the ship.

These drones can both scan the environment, repair many damaged equipment, provide assistance to the sick and even provide them with first aid, they can also report fully on their health. Because of their long and successful career, these ships are today indispensable to the conquest of space and their crews are considered as true heroes.

 About the set :

- The Search and Rescue Spaceship and his crew
- 2 Drones Assistant

There's more or less 3000 bricks in the set.

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