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Viking Longship


  The Vikings history is definitely a part of the history each time more appreciated by people. Series, movies, games, drawings are some of the exemples this incredible theme appear most regularly, and Lego couldn't be without a Vikings set on the shelves, right?

  So after a first attempt to make a Vikings Island I noticed that one of the most iconic characteristics of the Vikings history is certainly the adventurous spirit that they had for discover a new land. Thinking about it, the best way to represent this in a real object probably is the iconic Viking Longship, responsible for the expansion of the Vikings for new lands.
  Considering it, for this Lego Ideas Project I decided to make a version of the iconic Viking Longship.

  With the main characteristics of the Viking ship, this project contains a main ship, two small rocks and a total of 8 minifigures.

  For the main build, the Viking Longship take the place. With a main sail and some oars, this ship is known for the agility when compared with the others ships that existed in the same period.

  The unique appearence of this ship is a strong point, knowed for have oars and shilds intercalated, this ship have a dragon head in the front and a tail in the back. Another important detail is a tent in the middle of the ship, responsible for the protection of the tripulation during rains and storms.

  Thanks for see this Lego Ideas Project, I hope that you liked this Viking Longship and support the project for become a Lego Ideas Vikings set.

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