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Stitch, aka Experiment 626, is an illegal, genetically made alien created by Dr. Jumba Jookiba to cause chaos and destruction. Stitch was captured by United Galactic Federation and sentenced to life imprisonment on a desert astroid.  Along the way, Stitch escapes and crash landes on Earth in Kaua'i, Hawaii.  It is there that Stitch disguises himself as a dog and gets adopted by Lilo Pelekai.  With Lilo's help, Stitch is changed from a destructiove and uncaring creature to a a being that loves his family and is willing to protect innocent people from getting hurt.

Stitch has become such an iconic disney character that he has been in movies, a tv series, two animes, and video games.

I designed this Stitch to transform from his "dog" form to his "alien" form without have to unbuild Stitch or add/remove parts.  Stitch's mouth and even tough moves.  So does his ears, arms, legs, and tail.

I built Stitch because he is a loveable character and I loved the movies and tv series he is in.

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