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Place of the Bourse and the Water Mirror.


Bordeaux is the city where I live and I have seen it transform for a few years, notably with the creation of the tramway network. Since 2007 and the World Heritage listing of Unesco, the city attracts more and more visitors from all over the world. There are many places to visit though if I chose the place of the Bourse and the Water Mirror it's because here the old and the modern mix and reinforce.

This model consists of 1540 pieces, the dimensions are 38.10 cm in width, 38.10 cm deep and 13.73 cm in height. The architecture is very representative of the classical French style of the 18th century and you will find all the details with the "Fountain of Three Graces" representing the girls of Zeus, benches, streetlamps, line and tramway stop, road Two-way street with cars and of course, the famous "mirror of water" place of relaxation for the citizens and the tourists and the most photographed place of the whole city.

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